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The Project and the Details.......


The most important thing you can learn in the Film & TV business and we'll be right up front with you....

Talent is not the secret to success....
Who you Know and Money get's your foot in the door!

That's the American way!

You always dreamed of making your short script into a film.
Don't be like 'those guys' and let all your hard work sit in a desk!

In today's Indy Filmmaking market, just to get a distribution deal is all but impossible. Yet, our team has secured 3 deals in the past 4 years!  We have chosen to use the momentum of our success to find other scripts that have the potential to be produced and sold.  We help you succeed, which helps us succeed!

The Script to Screen Project is something that DiBacco Films and our associates developed to find production worthy short scripts for the International TV market, Streaming Distribution and potentially to be re-written into a feature length film. The plan is to match up chosen scripts with commercial sponsors to offset production costs. We have worked with sponsors like L.L. Bean, New Balance, Olympus, Monster Drink and many others.

There are two opportunites for your film to get exposure:
1. The Shorts International Channel
2. Worldwide Digital distribution


With our connections there is TWO things that we can do that other producer can't.

  • Currently we have agreed to provide the Shorts International Network and the Shorts HD channel with interesting short films. We Instantly have an outlet of about 100 million viewers WORLDWIDE for your short film.

  • We also are an affiliate with an International Streaming/V.O.D Distributor that is looking to purchase product from us.

How it works:

First, We are looking for COMMERCIAL READY scripts that can make the transition to television and be package for International distribution. Well done short films are a big attraction overseas.

Secondly, we ask with no exception that each short script writer have some funding sources to assist in the production of their short film. We will develop a Co-Production agreement with you. 

You, the Writer/Producer will bring some funds into the project to cover producers and legal fees. $1,000* for a script up to 20 minutes.
* Fees can be financed into 3 payments for $1,000

We, the Production Company/Producers will match your funding with sponsorship funds and complete the editing, mixing and final mastering of the film. We also prepare all the legal paperwork and prepare your film for the International markets. There are two options for your film. Shorts International Channel and Worldwide distribution. Once completed our Distributor will screen the film and if chosen for distribution, will find the proper avenues to Sell, (Yes Sell) your short film. There is a special market that will purchase short films (under 40 minutes). We will prepare the film for broadcast and International Television. The distrubtion deal is a NO money upfront deal 60/30/10.
60% Profits- You
30% Profits Distributor
10% DiBacco Films (Sales Broker)


Why is there a production fee?

Well it's simple, basically we have our own projects that we self finance. To date our last three feature films have secured 3 International distribution deals. Unheard of in the Indy filmmaking world. We ask YOU to commit to your script, put some skin in the game. Far too many people talk the talk, but can't walk the walk! The small fee is for administrative and legal paperwork that has to be filed.

We can tell you NO ONE in Hollywood is going to open their checkbook for an Indy short film.

We have a network in place that at the very least can get airplay and potentially Investors to convert your short into a feature. Our Sales Reps also have the ability to SELL short films to the International market if they are well written and interesting.

We know writers are told you should never have to pay to get your work produced. That's true. By our estimation there are at least 20,000 short scripts sitting in desk drawers of these same writers for years and years.

Simple logic will tell you that a script that is sitting in a desk and NEVER produced has NO CHANCE at ever becoming a Feature Film!! 

In our plan you are not just the writer you are the Producer and Production Partner.

We have contacts in L.A. and in NY. The fact is Studios ARE NOT giving money to no named writers and producers without credit or some sort of inside connection. 

Basically, we are using our experience and success to help writers get their stories made into a film. Some writers spend years and a lifetime only to NEVER get to see their hard work come to life. We will keep selling our Feature Films, maybe one of them can be yours!

If your script is chosen for DEVELOPMENT you will need to provide the following:

  • A good script under 20 minutes, minimal locations
  • Production Fee upfront, placed in an account ($1,000)*.
  • The ability to help Produce the film (assist in locations, props etc.)
*Fee is for productions local to us and does not include travel if it is needed.
* Fees can be financed into 3 payments for $1,000

If you are truly serious about taking the next step email us.


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